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  • 27 April 2019

    The anniversary marking 15 years since Poland joined the EU is underlined in a series of conferences and events organized by the Permanent Representation of the Republic of Poland to the EU. Right from the beginning of this year several related initiatives have already taken place, i.a.: seminar "How to build more efficient taxation in the EU", conference on hydrogen technology, conference on participation in the EU framework programs - Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe, as well as a study visit of European Commission officials in Poland. There is plenty more to come within our series of events. Below please find what is ahead of us in the coming weeks.

    30 April:

    Concert of the “Mazowsze” ensemble to celebrate 15 years of Poland’s membership in the European Union

    The 15th anniversary of Poland joining the EU will be marked in Brussels by the concert of the Choir of the National Folk Song and Dance Ensemble "Mazowsze". The seat of the General Secretariat of the Council of the European Union on 30 April will be the stage of commemorating the historic 2004 enlargement as per the initiative of the Permanent Representation of the Republic of Poland to the EU, in cooperation with its partners. 

    More details: Concert 15 years of PL in EU


    1 May:

    15th anniversary of Poland's membership in the EU: meeting of Prime Ministers in Warsaw


    4 May:

    „Open Day” of European Institutions: 15th anniversary of Poland's membership in the EU is the theme of the PL PermRep's participation in the event in cooperation with the Polish regions

    Visit our stand in the seat of the General Secretariat of the Council of the European Union

    More deatils:


    16 May:

    Keynote speech by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland for the prestigious economic think tank in Brussels

    Following the invitation by one of the leading economical think tanks in the world, PM Mateusz Morawiecki will deliver a keynote speech on the "Future of taxation in the EU". The speech will be followed by the Prime Minister's participation in a panel debate on European tax policy.


    Conference with the participation of the Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki "Poland: 15 years of EU membership. Political, economic, legal and social dimensions"

    On 1 May 2004, the Republic of Poland became a full Member of the European Union. A month later Poles for the first time voted for their representatives to the European Parliament. Since the EU accession Poles have played an active role in the process of European integration by shaping European policy and working at a high level in the EU structures. In a public opinion poll taken by Eurobarometer in October 2018, as many as 87% of Poles responded that their country has benefited from EU accession. The political, economic and social dimensions of Poland's membership in the EU will be the theme of PM's keynote speech and the panel discussions with distinguished guests.


    20 May:
    Seminar inspired by the publication of a report by the Center for Social and Economic Research "Integration within the European Single Market: accounting, computer and construction services” followed by a panel debate about the SIngle Market.

    With its economy growing more than three times faster than that of the EU28 over the last ten years, and with the services sector accounting for an increasing share of its economy, Poland has become both an attractive destination for the export of services as well as their efficient supplier. Polish wages and labour costs still remain below the EU average while both the education as well as productivity levels of the domestic labour force are growing. These factors contribute to Poland’s maintained competitiveness within the European Single Market.

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